The distinctions of TESOL Gate

"A prerequisite of a TESOL program is that it must be accredited and perceived by the nation that issued the degree or certificate"
Founder of Vietnam Academic Group. Owner of MBA Institute, Logi Academy and TESOL Gate
Dr. Dung Nguyen


PhD levels


accredited and perceived


Vietnam and international campus


specialized lecturers

About TESOL Gate

TESOL Gate, a part of the London Language College, is an international cooperation system that trains practicing certificates, reviews, and tests international TESOL programs.

TESOL Gate’s programs do not provide English language arts training yet center around pedagogical knowledge and skills to guarantee learners become English teachers in an international educating environment.


All programs of TESOL Gate is fully recognized and accreditation

Accredited and Recognized Program

100% of the program is accredited and recognized in its issuing country and around the world, making it possible to teach English locally and internationally.

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Learning without affecting your current job

The training model for busy working people includes a model that combines short-term overseas study, system study, and local workshops to help you study and work at the same time.

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Supports tuition fees and interest-free loans

The policy of supporting tuition fees for Vietnamese students from partner universities combined with the 0% interest deferred loan policy makes it possible for anyone to participate.

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The ability that TESOL Gate aims to achieve

Educational psychology

Competencies to help learners understand themselves and the teaching environment.


Technological teaching

Help teachers apply modern technology and teaching facilities


Lectures development

Help teachers scientifically build Syllabus and deployment model


Effectiveness measurement

Help teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of their or others training program


Teaching strategy

Help teachers master the class and promote effective lectures


Training others

Teachers can train or guide one another to improve the program


Accreditation & Recognition

TESOL Gate's International programs