hybrid learning

In the context of flexible online training, yet the cohesion and maintenance are not high while traditional training is not suitable for employees when in-class time is too much, the hybrid learning model was destined to exploit advantages while simultaneously solve barriers from online training and traditional training models.

  • Learning theory on the system
  • Practice learning in class with boot camp
  • English and academic support system
online learning on the system

study anytime, anywhere with online micro learning on the system

the main lecture is translated

if you do not understand specialized English, the main lecture contents will be translated into Vietnamese

join boot camp in class

increase understanding and practice capacity, also bond with friends and the business environment

do quiz on the system

take short quizzes on the system to understand the training content, deeply memorize knowledge and get midterm scores

academic instruction assistants

course instruction is provided to students to ensure that they develop in the right direction and are not off topic

English support

self-study English on TIAN.vn and are tested to ensure correct grammar and meaning

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