Supports tuition fees and interest-free loans

Tuition fees are always a burden for TESOL students, particularly accredited and recognized international programs. In light of this, programs propelled by TESOL Gate partners are financed through scholarship funds or Asian student grants.

  • Tuition fee support
  • Loans with 0% interest
  • Free support activities and workshop locally
  • Special tuition fee support policy for students with exceptional circumstances

Tuition is no longer a burden

Fee reduction

Reduced tuition fees are consistently lower than those of the original program, yet they still guarantee the quality, benefits, and qualifications after graduation.

Student loans

TESOL Gate has a loan policy to help support students in programs at the TESOL Master’s level and above. All interest will be paid by TESOL Gate.

Tuition is divided in installments

Depending on the specific program, students’ individual circumstances can be considered. Students can pay in installments, thus making learners be able to

Support for students under exceptional circumstances

Students participating in the TESOL program under particularly difficult circumstances can possibly receive a grant of up to 90% from TESOL Gate.

TESOL programs with subsidized

TESOL Certificate UK

The LRN TESOL Level 3 Certificate is certified and recognized by Ofqual UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


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Master of Arts in TESOL

Students can choose the Master of Arts in TESOL program of Instructional orientation or Management, both of which are 100% certified and recognized


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Doctor of Education in TESOL

The University of Horizons France’s highest level TESOL degree is its Doctor of Education in TESOL

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Learning TESOL skills is a wise investment

  • The income of a student after graduating from with a social sciences degree
  • The income of a student with a TESOL certificate after graduation

Studying the TESOL field isn't just about being an English teacher

English teacher

After graduating from the TESOL program, students can confidently become English teachers in accordance with their respective levels (depending on the program).

English Examinations Officer

TESOL graduates can become examiners for TESOL licensed projects or English test programs

Center's managers

Some TESOL programs include managerial competencies that empower TESOLers to both teach and effectively manage an English language center.

Train TESOLer’s successors

TESOL Master and PhD programs enable learners to train the successor class.

From Certificate to Doctorate