Study abroad for busy people that do not affect the work and no pressure on costs

International programs in Vietnam lack an English speaking environment. Full-time study abroad programs are costly, and students have to quit their employments, especially in countries with top education in the world such as the UK and Europe.

Understand the concerns of students, TESOL Gate has cooperated with partners to implement the model of studying abroad for busy people, combining short-term study in 3 countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, with 100% support for round-trip flight tickets, and 3-star hotels and above in their study trips. Besides, students also experience cultural exchange in a foreign learning environment and are considered for tuition exemption or reduction up to 70%.


Features of Study Abroad for busy people model:

A program with workshops and colloquium in 3 leading Asian countries: Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Obtain a degree from the issuing country.

Workshop and Colloquium in foreign countries have been deployed in a short time to help not affect the work.

  • Research and perform homework locally.
  • Supplement Vietnamese teaching assistants, English language support, and Vietnamese research instructors.
  • Support round-trip flight ticket for overseas study trips.
  • Support hotels from 3 stars and above for study abroad.
  • Applying subsidy policies so that studying is no longer a burden
Workshop in 3 countries

Short-term study abroad at the Asian campus of 3 countries Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

Vietnamese teaching assistant in class

Adding Vietnamese teaching assistants at foreign workshops helps ensure understanding of the lesson, overcoming English barriers

Research locally

Fellows can study anywhere, where data can be obtained and research conditions are available

English language support during class

The assignments are tested in English before submission to ensure correct grammar and APA style

Supplement Vietnamese instructors

Besides international instructors, fellows are also supplemented with Vietnamese instructors with a step-by-step research support system

Help prepare before defense

Fellows are supported for the necessary preparation including psychological, English, methodology, pre-defense slides.

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