Exemption liability

For activities to be legal, formal, and meet the rigorous testing standards of stakeholders to guarantee the interests of students and abstain from misconception, TESOL Gate disclaims the exemption liability below.


TESOL Gate conducts practice activities and preparation for acquiring TESOL diplomas and certificates from partners.


TESOL Gate does not offer Master and Doctoral courses, students will study directly with the partner university and TESOL Gate is just the examiners and refresher organization.

Legal features of TESOL Gate

TESOL Gate is a member of VAC and MBAi

TESOL Gate is a member of the Vietnam Academic Corporation and the MBA Institute, which is an international cooperation system specializing in TESOL. TESOL Gate operates under license and accreditation of VAC and MBAi


TESOL Gate activities are recognized

Practice & Preparation Provider (PPP) of TESOL GATE is accredited and recognized by partners. TESOL Gate does not interfere with the end result when students take an exam or study with partner programs.

Operate according to PPP model - Practice & Preparation Provider

In Vietnam, TESOL Gate is a PPP (Practice & Preparation Provider) of partners that carrying out training preparation, practice, and refresher to ensure that students can confidently take the international TESOL test.


TESOL Gate does not offer trainings and qualifications

Students receive a certificate or TESOL degree from our partners. TESOL Gate does not issue a license, although the PPP operations are certified and authorized by our partners

Education license from Vietnam Academic Corporation & MBA Institute

TESOL Gate, Oversea English, UK English all operate under the education license of the Vietnam Academic Corporation (VAC) and the accreditation license of the MBA Institute. VAC is the legal representative of TESOL Gate.


TESOL Gate directly executes the PPP model and is recognized

The PPPs (Practice & Preparation Provider) in Vietnam are sorted out by the Vietnam Academic Corporation and the MBA Institute under the brand name TESOL Gate. All program implementation partners must be accredited by TESOL Gate and are responsible for their legality when implementing.


TESOL Gate does not undertake

Pursuant to the provisions of Vietnamese law, the business license of the Vietnam Academic Corporation, the scientific license of the MBA Institute, rights and obligations with scientific partners, based on the provisions of the international qualifications accreditation under the National Qualifications Recognition System (NARIC), stipulates the rights and responsibilities of partner organizations, TESOL Gate does not commit to:

  • Do not guarantee to graduate if you fail to meet the academic requirements specified by the partner and the TESOL Gate partner’s academic rules and procedures
  • No commitment will be granted by the 3rd party. Admission is the authority of the third party, not TESOL Gate
  • Do not commit automatic promotion after graduation, career success or other career development issues
  • Do not commit that the qualification is obtained at the agency being employed (decision belongs to the receiving agency)
  • Do not commit to be able to immigrate or settle down after graduation. The decision rests with the immigration authorities of the countries.
  • Do not commit that the qualification is equivalent to other countries (responsibility belongs to the Ministry of Education of other countries)

TESOL's commitments


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