Accredited and Perceived Program

TESOL training system in the world is generally isolated into 4 gatherings of programs with (1) Certificate of TESOL course Completion; (2) TESOL authorized and recognized Accreditation; (3) TESOL Degree according to the Level (Diploma) training system, and (4) TESOL Degree according to the university training system (Degree).

In the above TESOL gatherings of programs, (1) Certificate of TESOL course Completion is issued by training institutions, yet the certificate is not officially recognized or weak accreditation. The remaining (2), (3), (4) are fully accredited and perceived programs.

TESOL Gate only operates programs (2), (3), (4), and does not actualize programs that are not certified and authorized.

Our programs

  • TESOL Certificate
  • TESOL Diploma
  • Master of Arts inTESOL
  • Doctor of Education in TESOL

TESOL Gate programs are 100% authorize and licensed by trustworthy accreditation associations.


Advantages of getting TESOL authentication certificate or degree

When participating in certify and perceived TESOL programs, students are:

  • Guaranteed of the training program and process quality
  • Guaranteed of the certificate or degree accreditation after graduation.
  • Able to study bridge Program or a dual degree after graduation.
  • Able to teach at reputable training institutions.
  • Confidently to train the inherited TESOL class.

TESOL career development roadmap

At the point when you graduate from English bachelor or English from B1 CEFR or higher, you can start your English teaching career with LRN Level 3 Certificate TESOL. The program helps you confidently in class to train English for children or grown-ups with basic levels. The LRN Level 3 Certificate can be utilized in conjunction with an English certificate to apply as an English teacher.

Once you have had at least 3 years of experience teaching English, have an undergraduate degree or higher, or have obtained a Level 3 Certificate TESOL, you can build up your TESOL career at the Master’s level. In the world, there are 2 TESOL training systems at Master level: Practice Master Level 7 TESOL or TESOL Master (MA in TESOL or Master of Education in TESOL)

You can choose from one of the authorized and certified TESOL programs from TESOL Gate partners, including:

LRN Level 7 Diploma in TESOL (TESOL Master of Practice) from UK

Master of Arts in TESOL Dual Degree (Collaborate with TQUK UK and Horizons University in France)

Master of Education in ESL Dual Degree (Collaborate with TQUK UK and Horizons University in France)

Master of Education in TESOL by Veritas. Receive an additional degree of Master of Education from Open University, UK.

Once you have a TESOL Master’s degree, you can continue to earn the world’s highest degree in TESOL, the Doctor of Education.

The TESOL’s Doctor of Education is implemented by the University of Horizons, France.

The knowledge groups that the TESOL program aims to:

Competency Framework of a TESOL Program:

  • Understand psychology in English training
  • Know how to develop training programs, design learning materials to teach English.
  • Understand the in-depth knowledge of classroom skills.
  • Be familiar with technology application trends in English training
  • Know how to form an assessment framework, how to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of English training.

TESOL students can earn income even though they haven’t graduated

TESOL is an industry with great demand

  • Income from social sciences includes business administration
  • Income from English teaching
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LRN UK Level 3 in TESOL program helps graduate learners to be accepted as English teachers at English language centers

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Level 3 Certificate in TESOL, Accredited by Ofqual UK

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